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 Here, we interview experts in early childhood education, communication, mindfulness and offer the tools necessary to create harmonious relationships not only within ourselves but with our families, children and the communities in which we live.

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I started this show to as a way to serve parents who are committed to raising happy, healthy and empathetic children. 

I understand parenting is highly emotionally subject and as such sometimes asking for advice is coupled with feelings of inadequacy or shame. It’s this feeling of “I should know this and if I don’t know how to handle my child then I’m a bad parent.”

But here’s the thing, asking for another persons perspective is not shameful it’s courageous! And who knows…you just might get an answer to a problem or patten you’re facing that changes everything!

So when you’re ready, click the button below and let me know what’s going on!

I use SpeakPipe.com, a fantastic web service that allows anyone to leave me a voicemail message through the Internet. It’s like magic, I swear 🙂 All you need is an Internet connection and a microphone. 

Please keep your question under one minute in length. If it goes a little over, that’s fine, but please keep it concise and to the point.

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