What Parents and Schools Need To Know About California’s New Vaccine Law


What you’ll learn in this episode:

*What is the difference between the different exemptions and how do they affect the different ages?

*What resources do you offer parents who are in the process of making a decision about Vaccines?

*When will the PBE expire?

*What are the schools and daycares mandated to do according to the new law?

*Who will benefit by getting a PBE before then end of the year?

*What will happen to those children to are entering kindergarten or 7th grade, who will need a medical exemption for any vaccine they have not received?

*Will doctors be open to giving a medical exemption if it is based on belief or religion?

*What are some things we can do for children to lessen the side effects of a vaccine?

*For those who would like to get an exemption before the end of the year, what are the steps they need to take?

*Do schools need to notify parents if there is an unvaccinated child in the group?

*What are the risks to a vaccinated child in an unvaccinated or partially vaccinated community?

*What are some ways to build the immune system?


Information on vaccines:



Immune Support:


Medical Exemption

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