How To Be An Awesome Parent with Aric Bostick

As a former teacher, Aric inspires educational audiences nationwide—having equipped more than a half million people with energy and strategies to overcome personal challenges and achieve life-long goals.

Aric fosters strong connections through his targeted, high-energy keynotes, workshops, and camps—reaching and training students, educators, parents and employees working to make a difference.

In this episode he shares his acronym of how to be an AWESOME parent-

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We talk about what we feel really holds us back, as parents, from having the deeply connected relationship we want with our children.

Some Questions I Had:

As adults we come with a pretty strong agenda. Are there things you have learned along the way in your parenting journey that have helped you to honor who your daughter is, when she is pushing against your agenda?

How has empathy transformed your relationship and how do you use this during conflict with your child?

Are you aware, and can you share, how your own early childhood has affected your parenting style?

Do you get “triggered” by your daughter’s behaviors? And are you able to connect those “triggers” with something that you were lacking in your own early childhood?

It is some deep work to stay conscious and sit with the feeling of being “triggered” long enough to inquire what it is really about.

So when you were triggered and feeling “rejected”, were you able to dig into that and identify what you were thinking and believing in that moment?

Listen in to hear his raw and vulnerable answers.

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