Dear Parents,

Right now you’re facing one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make as a mother or a father. What type of care would be best for my child? Who will help me raise my child? Who will love and support them as much as I do? How do I choose a daily experience for my toddler?

The idea of separating from your little one is scary. The first time I left my daughter I was filled with fear and anxiety.  My body was tense. I was over run with all the crazy “what if” scenarios playing over and over again in my head.

I felt completely overwhelmed.

On the other hand I felt guilt; guilt for wanting time away from my child to maintain my “adult” identity. Time to focus on my career, time to dance, time to have tea with my girlfriends. Time for myself.

This is a lot to deal with, but remember this:

It is Love and Emotional Warmth

Rather than any particular “program” that will create the basis for the child’s healthy development.

 They absorb everything you are!

Those of us who work with young children are challenged to engage in a constant process of renewal.  We must actively observe the children in our care, carry them in our thoughts, and seek to work consciously and artistically to create the experiences that will serve their development.

Our devotion to this task awakens us to the importance of self-education and transformation in the context of community. Here we can come to experience that we are not alone on this journey of education.  We are supported through our encounters with one another other and with our sharing of insights, experience, and knowledge. 

We work with our families create a seemless bridge between home and school, school and home

  • By supporting each other.
  • Being flexible.
  • Setting firm boundaries and
  • Holding a daily rhythm.

Blossoming Lotus Nursery

is a San Francisco Based Waldorf Inspired Preschool

We create a beautiful environment in which children feels safe and secure to move, explore, be creative, and learn in a natural way for their individual stage of development.  Early learning, which is encouraged through movement and play, is profoundly connected to the child’s own physical body and sensory experience.  Everything the child sees, hears, and touches has an effect.  Our home features soft colors, fresh flowers, natural toys, and an atmosphere of warmth and calm.

Each day begins across the street from school in Sutro Heights Park where we explore the vast nature that surrounds us. Regular hiking days in our very own forest front yard provide many opportunities for large motor development, and gives rise to a deeper sense of the earth’s natural rhythms as we observe the changing of the seasons. Our outdoor adventures instill a lifelong appreciation of the natural world and our place in it.

Our goal is to help children develop into confident, healthy, creative, curious, and socially responsible individuals who make a positive contribution to the world.

Childhood development happens in a social context.  Through community we construct both social knowledge and an understanding of self in relation to our group that could never be created in isolation.

We work together within our community to create a healthy social life and encourage an appreciation for wonder, beauty and truthFree play is the way children practice being in the world, how they test ideas, solve problems, and find enjoyment.  It lays a foundation for creative thinking, enriches imagination, and encourages social relationships. Teachers do not sit down and play with the children but rather do real work, from which the children draw inspiration to use in their own play.

Life skills are taught through baking, cooking, cleaning, painting, gardening, sewing and other fun daily activities. We help to cultivate a sense of independence in the children by providing opportunities to help with daily life.