Setting Intention


At each turn of the New Year,

People make lists of how they want to shift their lives.

Lose weight, stop smoking, set a routine, and so on.

Why does it sometimes feel like it’s effortless to let negative habits creep up, but when we want to change them, or add a new healthy habit, it feels nearly impossible?  

We need to understand that our subconscious mind is working towards surviving, not thriving.

It’s only concern is to keep us alive and it knows that whatever we did yesterday worked.

Our present consciousness craves the change but our subconscious resists out of fear.

When setting intentions for the New Year, or any time for that matter, we want to make sure they are not just ideas we have created with our minds.

To set ourselves up for success and move into the direction we want to go, we need to connect deeply with our hearts.

Don’t let it be something you think you “should” do.

In this episode, Mariah shares the process she takes herself through to ensure she is clear on her “what”, “why”, and “how” to set intentions that actually stick.

She begins with some journal writing on the areas she would like to review.

Some examples are:
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Connection to Spirit
  • Mothering
If we look at the example of Mothering, you might ask yourself,

“How do I want to show up for my children?”
“What does that look like?”
“What does that feel like?”
“Do I need support for this and if so, from whom?”

Some Helpful Tips

Take the time to visualize your goal, to envision it already happening. Set up visual reminders.

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This could be anything from a vision board, inspirational quotes on post its, or a simple stone that represents health and well being.

Ask yourself why this is important to you.

If this goal is accomplished, how would my life change? The life of my family?

What is it costing me to not make this shift?

Is this something I really want, or just something I think I should do?

Get an accountability partner, someone you love and trust that you can check in with about your goals.

This could be once a week through a phone call or meet up for coffee or a walk.

Offer each other empathy and support.

No judgement.

Focus on how you want your life to be, not what you don’t like. Frame your thoughts and plans with affirmative language.

For example, “I want to start eating more vegetables in my diet.” Instead of, “I want to stop eating so much sugar.”

Develop a Gratitude Practice.

You will be amazed at how different your day feels by taking 5 minutes each morning when you wake to take a few deep breaths and say 3 things you are grateful for.

Challenge yourself by coming up with 3 new things each day.

Habits are very hard to change!

Be gentle with yourself.

Move into them with curiosity and knowing that you will feel resistance.

Especially if you are shifting something that includes children.

Allow them to express their feelings about it and talk with them about why it is important.

The push back doesn’t mean it isn’t working. It is tempting to give up after a few weeks of difficulty.

Breath. Reassess. Meditate. Reconnect. Be Curious. Love.

All the best,


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