Understanding ADHD, Addiction, and Stress as a Coping Mechanism w/ Dr. Gabor Mate

I am so pleased to welcome Dr. Gabor Mate to the show.

To say I am grateful for this moment, for you would be a severe understatement.

Digesting his work along side the work of meeting a guy online work during my Waldorf teacher training years ago completely changed the direction of my path. 

For most of my life I said I would never become a parent because I didn’t believe I had the capacity to transform the pain and disconnection I was carrying.

But after becoming a teacher and witnessing the power of this wisdom, so much healing took place.  

Years later, I not only gained the courage to become a mother, but when my daughter was 6 weeks old I opened the doors of my own preschool where I began working very closely with parents, educating them on the importance of emotional development, secure attachment, and conscious parenting. 

And what I have witnessed over the last 8 years has been mind blowing.

My daughter is about to turn 8 and I am in awe of her on a daily basis, so just so much gratitude to his teachings.

Enjoy the show!



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